I have worked in energy markets for a long time, so I'm interested in a wide range of energy topics.

Blog Posts

The following are some blog posts that I've written on energy topics:

1 February 2022Good sources for energy news (updated 2022)
25 July 2021High Power Prices
25 July 2021Why the energy transition needs better forward markets
18 April 2021Data communities need to come before data catalogues
2 February 2021Octopus Agile - A Winter's Tale
10 January 2021Designing Creative Electricity Tariffs
17 August 2020iPhone apps for Octopus Energy Customers
15 August 2020Accessing your Octopus smart meter data
26 July 2020A website for viewing your smart meter data
14 July 2020Forecasting electricity prices
2 July 2020Getting the data to forecast electricity prices
25 June 2020Letting people access their electricity data
31 May 2020Measuring electricity demand flexing
17 February 2020Good sources for energy news
19 January 2020Heating in the UK in 2030-2035
23 December 2019From ideology to much needed change
6 October 2019An update on my research
1 October 2019Which type of electricity market is best: continuous or auction?
28 September 2019Modelling the electricity prices of the future
20 September 2019Thoughts on the future of energy
18 September 2019What do I mean when I talk about uncertainty and likelihoods?
1 September 2019Analysis of Octopus Agile electricity prices
21 August 2019Optimising a Mixergy boiler
29 July 2019How good is buying renewable electricity?
26 July 2019Solar and wind generation - an uncertain future
14 June 2019Improving power purchase agreements
29 May 2019How we charge for electricity
13 May 2019How we charge for electricity
1 May 2019A retail market for short-term electricity in the UK
30 Apr 2019UK Electricity Generation Mix
28 Apr 2019A new way of financing renewables
16 Apr 2019GB Electricity Generation Data (part 2)
11 Apr 2019GB Electricity Generation Data (part 1)
2 Apr 2019Power price vs Carbon Intensity
8 Mar 2019Thoughts on working in the energy industry
28 Feb 2019Analysing UK electricity prices (part 2)
20 Feb 2019Analysing UK electricity prices (part 1)
17 Feb 2019Should we care about the path not travelled
04 Feb 2019Exploring time of use tariffs
18 Jan 2019Can you even buy green electricity
05 Dec 2018What I am researching and why

Octopus Agile

I am a customer of Octopus Energy, and I have a lot of information related to this on the Octopus page of this website.