Tips for Singing in a Choir

Sun, 08 Jan 2017

There are many choirs out there that share certain characteristics: they are made up of 20-150 mostly amateur singers (sometimes lightly auditioned, sometimes not at all), they spend a number of rehearsals learning one or more pieces, before performing them (usually from the score).  

One of the great thing about these kind of choirs is that they welcome members of a wide range of musical ability and experience - somehow, when you put them together for enough rehearsals, they produce something that an audience can enjoy.

I have enjoyed singing in choirs like these for the past 25 years, and over that time I’ve picked up a few tricks that I find useful in learning my music - hopefully some others might find them useful.

Big Picture
In Rehearsal
Listening to the music between rehearsals
Your Score
I hope some of this is useful - but whatever happens, don’t stress - singing is meant to be fun!