My first post

Sun, 20 Jan 2013

Welcome to the very first post of "Engaging Work".

A year ago, my employer (a large investment bank) launched an internal collaboration platform, encouraging employees to work out loud, bridge geographical and divisional silos, and share knowledge and passions.

One piece of functionality the platform offered was blogging.  Though I do spend a lot of my time thinking deeply about all sorts of issues, my first thought was that I couldn't possibly write down what I was thinking.  I worried that someone might not agree with what I had to say, or even I might look back and regret things I had written.

Thankfully, I decided to give it a try, and 9 months and 53 blog posts in, I can't imagine not blogging.  I've blogged on all sorts of topics: changes in the world of banking, technology, development, diversity, books I've read, as well as my own personal observations within the bank.  Blogging has helped me connect to colleagues, and organise my thoughts.  It has given me an opportunity to help others, and to realise that being honest and vulnerable won't make me weak.

I've now decided to start an internet blog.  Its subject - celebrating the people that are passionate about what they do, and what can be done to help more people join them in finding fulfilling work - is one that I really believe worth exploring.

I'm not the first to care about this - I've been inspired by and learned from a great many people's thoughts and words, and I hope to keep learning from others.  The ideas I discuss aren't mine to own, so feel free to take them, improve them, and share them.

So welcome to this journey engaging the subject of work - I hope you'll find it worthwhile.